What’s MGG Fashion?

I offer many different packages – check them all out!

Full closet renovation
Arranging your entire wardrobe

Shop till you drop
A personal guided shopping & styling experience

The historic center of Bologna lets you discover small shops full of trendy and glamor that whet the curiosity of tourists of all ages with unique and attractive for people of all ages.

Extraordinary creations textile , cashmere and chiffon, fine sable fur, bespoke shoes, fishing rods in gold adorned with emeralds and diamonds, vintage items, jewelry, precious handmade or hand painted with the ancient technique of finift paths and high fashion.

Moving Day
Helping you pack up your closet for the big move

In collaboration with some of the best hotels in Bologna and an important travel agency  we offer you, luxury accomodation and tours related to wine , its typical products, tasting them in refined and elegant rooms, the best in town , listening to live music and particularly in live jazz club.
Remember!!!! Bologna was declared by Unesco city ‘s creative music.

I also plan to coordinate and organize meetings with entrepreneurs and renowned Companies in the industrial engineering sector in Emilia Romagna.

Style & Substance
A full 3-day package

I accompany clients to make the most of their days shopping and entertainment venues allowing a saving of time and effort and also offer it to customers, according to their needs and requests, advice to find the perfect look that will stand out from the crowd with a unique style, quality and image of a certain success in that city that was the capital of silk in 1500 .


15 novembre 2018

Maria Grazia Gofieri:

"Apri il tuo armadio e ti dirò chi sei"

In Cronaca

27 settembre 2018

Il lavoro ai tempi dei social

Per hobby, passione, riscatto personale: come sbarcare il lunario nell'era di internet...

Il Resto del Carlino

23 settembre 2018

Il suo lavoro? Ordinare gli armadi

La bolognese Maria Grazia Golfieri si è inventata una professione: "Vengo a casa vostra, ci penso io"...

Bologna Today

5 febbraio 2018

Professioni atipiche, la personal shopper: 'Non è un lusso per pochi"

Il mestiere del personal shopper: 'Non è un lusso per pochi' - L'INTERVISTA. Maria Grazia Golfieri è una vera esperta di moda. Tanto da essere preziosa per chi cerca il suo look: il fascino di un mestiere completamente "dentro" la moda, ma per il quale un po' di psicologia non guasta...